Welcome to Buy the Best Camera,

This blog is about cutting to the chase and finding the best camera for your interests. Here you will find *biased but fair* opinions about digital cameras from point-and-shoots to DSLRs.

My bias comes from being a professional photographer, photography author and educator. I want quality cameras that are fast and easy to use. I’m looking for tools that help me consistently get the shot. (Is that too much to ask? ;^)

Most online reviewers tend to obsess over a camera’s technological features. Great, we need to know about those things. But I nitpick about usability and design as well as quality. I report on how the camera functions in the “real world” where photography is often difficult or inconvenient.

In fact, a camera is only as good as its weakest link, so buying the best camera–the best balance of features–is critical. The best lens in the world is useless if something else prevents me from getting the shot! And in the end, I’d rather get even just a good shot than miss a great one.

Here, you’ll also find information on photography books, videos, and other things that relate to digital photography.

This blog was created in response to all the folks who ask me about buying the best digital camera–there are a lot of you!

I hope you find this information helpful. And feel free to drop me a note, I’d like to hear from you.


How the Idea of Lastlook Came into My MIND?

The idea of lastlook came to my mind when I was having a discussion on why United States citizens are avoiding to go to shopping malls. They are preferring to buy from home sitting on a sofa rather than searching for the desired product in marts. Soon these malls will vanish if the trend continued.

This discussion popped up the question in my mind that if people will not check the products themselves, how can they purchase without any solid experience.

Therefore, I decided to make a blog naming Lastlook in which I review different Vlogging Camera from Amazon. Most of us buy that product, which is recommended by the trusted ones. So Lastlook will love to be your trusted friend on which you can rely before purchasing any product.

Here you will find the honest reviews entailing the basic introduction, features a product has, design, how it performs, pros and cons.

It will help you to not only buy the desired product but also get educated in the required field. Not only this, but you will find the extensive information on how to make a purchase and what points should be considered before you go for the product in detailed guides.

Lastlook as the name shows can suggest you well at the LAST LOOK that what to buy or what to not. So that whenever you wish to buy something, it always clicks in your mind that this website will guide you the best.

Let me bring this to your notice that we don’t work biased. We feel the need of customers, realize those factors that can’t be overlooked and present the useful information that can help people of any caliber.

I hope my aim to help you will get succeeded soon.