Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet

Do you have wide feet? Or Is it a tough mission for you to find Basketball shoes for wide feet?

No problem!

After reading this article you will be able to find the best-fit pair of basketball shoes for yourself.

We want your comfort and convenience so that you can play without facing any problem. All the necessary details would be added in different parts of the article. In the end, two best products among described here would be suggested as well.

Everybody knows there are various brands in the market providing the same items you are looking for, but the features they offer about the product disappoint you after buying. So, keeping this crucial point in mind, we are going to tell you all the possible and exact details of Best basketball shoes for wide feet.

Let’s take the start from points to consider while purchasing a pair of shoe for yourself. Some of you might want the sturdy pair of shoes which would last for long while some would want a comfortable pair of the shoe under a low price etc.

There are so many other features as well, this very first part of an article is going to describe them all so that you can easily pick one.

Things to consider while buying Best Basketball Shoes:

Before buying basketball shoes make sure you have the following relative information:


A shoe style ought to be the exact opposite thing that players must consider when they are going to buy basketball shoes.

So many of the general population wearing basketball shoes today isn’t out there on the court. The excellent design of the shoe doesn’t mean that it will have the capacity to help you at all when you’re out there battling for the lead.  If the design is attractive and stylish so then you can wear them when you are going somewhere not only in-game time.


You need a pair of shoe that won’t go into disrepair and will last for two or three years without any difficulty. Discover a pair that utilization superb materials and that have a healthy development.

There ought to be no thin spots that will wear after some time, and the sole ought to be stuck on their high. A sturdy ball shoe is critical on the off chance that you need to have proceeded with progress.


The kind of stuff that is used as a part of the development of a basketball shoe is essential to maintain its quality. A few functions enable your feet to inhale while others can sway your feet to sweat awfully from being interfered with from cold air.

Try not to fall into a shoe that uses a material that was just used to create a showcasing buildup. Search for work material that is sufficiently thin to help cool your feet, however thick enough to be substantial.


Having a basketball shoe that fits you well is an incredible advantage that will enhance your amusement. A perfect fit to account some room between the tip of the shoe and the finish of your toes.

You ought to have the capacity to fit your thumb here. The small shoe will make your toes press, causing distress and in the long run damage. It should be likewise sufficiently broad to your foot usually.

Comfortable Cushion

There are some delicate and bouncy shoes, and some are firm and responsive. The sensitive and bouncy gives a friendly vibe that is more qualified for a significant, substantial player.

That skip will enable the player to retain stun. Shoes that have responsive padding help to enhance your speed and bolster your briskness. They are more qualified for lighter players who don’t have to assimilate stun, however, which require a shoe that is more receptive to their snappy developments.


This will just wind up diminishing your portability and making you a less profitable player. On the other hand, in case you’re an expensive player, don’t select the lightest combine of shoes you can discover.

Search for something that offers you more help and can enable you to stay away from the wounds. Work with your capacities and not against them.

Traction Pattern

Having a shoe that holds the floor when you’re attempting to make abrupt turns and moment stops is an extraordinary advantage. Investigate the footing example of the shoe and see what you think.


Shoes that are working for players with limit feet help these players to quicken and stop rapidly by giving a tighter fit than they are utilized to.

A shoe that has a faster expand on the shoe’s upper part secures your foot set up, so it’s not sliding near. This furnishes a player with a superior vibe and more reaction.

List of 10 Best Basketball shoes:

Further, I am going to share some of the best basketball shoes to buy in 2018. Select the one from below which you can afford as all of the products have good reviews have been picked and discussed. Features do vary as prices increased or decrease but look for a feature that you need the most.

Let’s start with the first picked basketball shoe that is

1.  Adidas Men’s Shoe : Wide Basketball Shoes

These boots are one of the best shoes that Adidas has ever introduced. These are designed in such a way that it gives an extra lift to your jumps. It is a full-length shoe and also called energy-returning boosts.

A molded cushion settled in the heel portion which boosts the individual to jump more powerfully. The updated lace system helps to reduce the pressure. It is the best choice that the full feet player has ever made, there are 19 different colors. The style of the shoes is impressive as they are really eye-catching.

Their outsole is made of Rubber with collar power Traction. You will feel very comfortable after wearing them as the best cushions are used in the heel portion.

They fit perfectly and provides firm support to an individual. The Infinity-Shaped provides stability to the wide feet.

If you buy this pair of footwear, so keep this in mind, that you are buying a full package. This pair of shoes is made by using excellent and best quality material. These shoes absorb shock and provide you comfortable wear.


  • They have response Cushion
  • These shoes have Lace system updated
  • They provide Amazing Traction pattern
  • The Premium Material is used.
  • They provide Excellent Support


  • They are not suitable for outdoors (except court area)


2.  Adidas Cloud foam Illation Basketball Shoe

These basketball shoes are highly recommended, exhibiting the modern shoe style. They consist of mesh collar, Tongue with textile lining for proper ventilation, springy Cloud foam cushion, leather upper, Adidas 3-lines printed logo and rubber outsole.

These are best for those who are looking for best shoes that should be affordable.

They are made of excellent quality, reliable support, and ankle stability. The Adidas cloud foam illation shoe has the maximum potential, whether they are used indoors or outdoors. The midsole and the heel portion is made in such a way that they give comfort while you are playing the game.

These shoes have the rubber outsole for stronger grip and they also possess fabric lining. Their Cloud foam midsole gives comfortable and soft travel.

They provide you comfortable wear and excellent ventilation. The springy Cloud foam cushion is also present in them.


  • They are affordable.
  • These shoes are Comfortable and Soft.
  • You can use them both for indoors and outdoors
  • Perfect if you stand for a longer time.
  • They possess strong grip.
  • They provide ankle stability.


  • There is no drawback of such product

3: Under Armour Men’s UA Fire shot Basketball Shoes

If you are looking for fabulous shoes in your budget, then you must go for this pair of shoes. Under Armour has created phenomenal shoes offering excellent support and helps in maintaining outstanding performance by the individual.

In 1966 the first footwear was introduced by this company, at first, this company did not pay any focus on the people with wide feet, but later, they started processing for more widespread shoes.

They have a small portion of mesh inside the boots which gives extra space to the wider feet. Fire shot basketball shoes are so lightweight that you will not feel that you are wearing anything in the foot.

While wearing these shoes, you will feel that the company has combined the 2 different worlds for you regard the cushion inside the shoes.

They possess a Rubber Sole and can absorb shocks while landing. They are extremely Lightweight with Full-length Micro G sock liner is created to give softness and comfort to an individual.

The rubber used in the making of these shoes provides natural flexibility for the player. Synthetic leather is used in manufacturing.

They provide the strong grip and Laced system is improved recently.


  • Durable material is used.
  • They are affordable.
  • These shoes provide Comfortable footwear.
  • You can have them in 14 different colors.
  • They provide excellent traction indoors and outdoors.


  • Sometimes fitting may cause issues

4: Nike Men’s The Air Overplay IX Basketball Shoe

If you are looking for a stylish shoe which fulfills all your requirements, then go for Nike Overplay IX shoe. These shoes are manufactured to handle hard landing on the paint with the help of the Nike Air Unit fitted inside the heel portion.

Nike Airplay IX is a real franchise aesthetic, but with the help of latest technology, they are made lightweight. You will not feel any weight while playing and perform excellently.

They are the perfect choice for the wide footers. These shoes also have traction on the outsole which gives a firm grip to the player.

Their upper is made of durable rubber. The rubber of midsole is cored out which makes it lightweight

The Nike Air Unit is fitted with the heel portion and has removable foam insole. The Synthetic leather is used in the construction of these shoes. They possess Full Phylon Midsole providing a comfortable cushion. The TPU shank adds to the stability.


  • They are Lightweight and Comfortable
  • These shoes are durable.
  • They provide Amazing fitting.
  • You can have them at the low price.
  • They can Absorb shocks
  • They are Stylish.


  • Sometimes shoe tongue gets short

  1. 5: Jordan Nike Men’s CP3.X Basketball Shoe

The CP3.X belongs to a class of shoes because of their style and unusual one-piece mesh construction, just because of these 2 qualities these boots are top of the list. There are 2 versions of these shoes

a)    AE version

b)    And the Regular

The Regular Version is made up of leather material which gives them a fantastic fitting whereas the AE version is made with nylon and mesh offering smooth fit and make a break-in more relaxed and comfortable.

As a conclusion, it can be seen the AE version is more suitable for the individual as compared to the regulars. Nylon is injected in the midsole which makes them lightweight. Foam in the collar is used which gives comfort.

The Zoom Air Unit is fitted in them and has a responsive cushion. The Laced system is updated and there is traction pattern on the rubber outsole. There is woven upper for lightweight breathability and Ultra-Responsive cushion underfoot.

They are specially designed for fast and dynamic play and Contains low IP midsole with 9 chambers


  • They are affordable at price.
  • These shoes are durable.
  • They are Lightweight
  • They possess the Strong Grip
  • You will Get excellent support
  • They are Smooth and comfortable


  • There is no drawback of this product

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