Best Indoor Soccer Reviews In 2018 (Latest Updated)

In order to find the best indoor soccer Shoes, there is need to understand the game, the field type or ground for this game, skill levels, weather conditions, parts of soccer shoes to be taken care of etc.

Don’t get confused with the term ‘Soccer Cleats’ they are just another name of what you call soccer shoes or soccer boots. Just as other games like basketball, cricket etc. Soccer game also has some special needs and so the need comes for specialized soccer cleats which are professionally designed for both men and kids.

Below, we present you with some of our best picks to help you choose best indoor soccer shoes for you:

1: NIKE Men’s Mercurial Victory V FG Soccer Cleat


Who knows not the name of Nike when it comes to Sports goods, they are known in this industry for manufacturing, attractive, high quality and comfortable products. Their products are specially manufactured for sports people but are not limited to them only.

This version of Nike’s Soccer Cleats weighing 3 pounds and gives a fit of around 73%.

These cleats are made from the Synthetic material. Its Sole is made up of Synthetic rubber and having a Midsole of Contoured sock line & Textile top cloth (provides low-profile cushioning), offering a complete gaming comfort to a player. Its Outsole is designed with full-length TPU (bottom of shoes is made from thermoplastic polyurethane which makes them weigh less, lasts long and resistant to scratch etc.) providing a good grip from all directions.

Its lace closure help keeps your foot comfortable, firm and at a place.

These soccer cleats are considered best on Firm and Natural surfaces as they are designed with Trophy touch, an internal cage and micro texture for providing a good and soft grip to foot while playing.

They are one of the top-rated shoes, made with quality material (artificial animal skin and artificial leather) to survive in different weather condition, easy to maintain, worth the price and an awesome pair of cleats any Soccer player would love to have.


  • Soft and firm grip.
  • Made from high-quality material for great traction and durability.
  • Lace closure for providing a good fit.
  • Survive in changing weather conditions.
  • Easy to maintain.


  • Not for wide feet people

2: Adidas Performance F5 FXG J Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat (Little Kid/Big Kid)


Adidas is another known and leading brand of Sporting goods. Its products are recognized for their quality and durability.

Adidas Performance F5 FXG J Soccer Cleats provides an expected fit to 87% and weighs around 15.8 ounces. These cleats offer you to have control on a soccer field, goal scoring speed for high performance and one of the best soccer cleats for kids.

Manufactured with Synthetic leather and Textile lining. Its Sole is made of rubber to provide great fit and comfort during play, however, Its upper sole is made from soft cotton and leather, to keep your feet at ease. The soccer’s has Die-cut Sock line with ethylene vinyl acetate which provides cushioning comfort to feet.

These soccer cleats of Adidas are good to go on both artificial and natural surfaces, a good value for your money.


  • Quality shoes and durable
  • Manufactured for showcasing high performance
  • Made from synthetic material and textile lining for better fit and comfort
  • Rubber sole
  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Sock line for cushioning feet


  • These pair of soccer cleats may not provide a good fit to children with wide feet
  • Not for the use of grass

3: Nike Men’s Hypervenom Phelon II FG Soccer Shoes


This version of Nike’s Soccer Cleats weighs up to 3 pounds and offers an expected fit of 71%.

Nike Men’s Hypervenom Phelon II FG Soccer Shoes are made from the Synthetic leather material. these shoes are manufactured in a way to provide a fit like a glove, agility while playing on short grass pitches and wonderful traction. Additionally, its molded sock line reduces the pressure of stud by providing cushioning to your feet during long play.

Its Sole is designed with rubber for good grip and comfort however its TPU bottom provides great response and traction. Its lacing arrangement offers another ease.

These pair of wide fitting soccer shoes offer you to have a control on ball required during the play for striking performance that makes a difference in your game. Nike has made every effort to make these cleats perfect for firm grounds.

Thus, a great and durable pair of soccer cleats which is worth your money.


  • Made of synthetic leather material
  • Offers great traction and a glove-like fit for striking performance.
  • Molded sock line designed to reduce pressure on the foot
  • Lacing arrangement to offer additional grip
  • Great fit got both marrow and wide feet.


  • None

4: DREAM PAIRS Men’s 160860-M Cleats Football Soccer Shoes


The most attractive and appealing thing about these DREAM PAIRS Men’s 160860-M Cleats is that they are Man Made and provides an expected fit of 68%.

Manufactured and designed lightweight, comfortable and with synthetic material. these cleats are molded with rubber for providing multi-directional traction. Its Insole offers padded cushioning for feet and the upper combination of Premium DP adds to its durability. Its outsole helps in easy movements on the ground. Dream Paris Soccer shoes give you the grip and control you need in the soft or humid field of Soccer. Its fold-over tongue adds to the proper fit and keeps the laces secure.

The shoes having an overall comfortable design for striking performance


  • These are Man-made soccer cleats
  • Manufactured with synthetic material and molded rubber for offering great traction
  • Its insole offers added cushioning to feet and outsole helps in easy movement
  • Gives a good grip and control on the ground for striking performance
  • Great to go on soft and humid field


  • None

5: Adidas Performance Men’s Messi 15.3 Soccer Cleat


Adidas Performance Men’s Messi 15.3 Soccer Cleat provides an expected fit of 70% and weighs 3 pounds.

Inspired and endorsed by Lionel Messi, these pair of shoes are designed with synthetic material and are made from imported material. the shoes have Messi touched X-ray surface for a good grip on the ball during play and Messi GAMBETRAX stud offers speed to match with Messi and great traction. Moreover, its Outsole skeleton i.e. Messi PRINT center stud is also featured in the shoes for a firm grip on artificial field/ground. Cleat’s outside also has a Messi Frame cage system which cradles your foot.

It has a synthetic Sole however its upper is made with 3D synthetic leather. The lining of these cleats is made again with synthetic material for a locked fit and inside comfort. Its Insole with nice padding gives a good feel of the grip.

Altogether these cleats offer a great wear experience along with speed and constant changing traction with comfort and confidence.


  • These cleats offer a good fit
  • Imported synthetic material for durability
  • Messi touched X-ray surface for great grip & Messi GAMBETRAX stud for Messi like Speed
  • Messi Frame cage to provide comfort
  • Great playing experience


  • None

6: Under Armour Men’s UA Highlight MC Football Cleats


Weighing 5 pounds, these pair of cleats provides an expected fit of 85%.

Under Armour Men’s UA Highlight MC Football Cleats are uniquely manufactured and made up of imported Mesh Synthetic material. its Sole is made from rubber. Its upper which is made up of CLUTCHFIT™ technology protects the skin. Its 3D molded MPZ®tongue offers a better feel and fit

With lace-up closure, eyerow cutouts and padded collar, Form-fitting CompFit ankle sleeve and Molded 4D Foam® footbed altogether allows an easy slip into the shoes, boosts flexibility, gives a better fit for its user, reduces pressure on the foot and prevents slippage. Additionally, its lining material offers great breathability.

Keeping in mind the hyperextension, Under Armour has introduced V56 forefoot technology in these cleats along with UA PlasmaX which provides increased stability and traction.

These pair of shoes are designed to dominate and rule on a soccer field and to perform with such perfection to win the game.


  • Lightweight and made up of imported mesh synthetic material
  • CLUTCHFIT™ technology for skin protection
  • Breathable lining material
  • padded collar, Form-fitting CompFit ankle sleeve, and Molded 4D Foam® footbed
  • V56 forefoot technology for reducing hyperextension


  • None

7: PUMA Men’s Evospeed 1.2 SL Firm Ground Soccer Shoe


PUMA is an internationally known brand, successfully producing goods including, apparels, footwear, and accessories for athletes and communicating a unique and innovative style to its customers.

This version of PUMA Soccer shoes is ‘Speed boots ‘weighing 2 pounds these PUMA Men’s Evospeed 1.2 SL provides an expected fit of 64%. These Man-made cleats manufactured with imported synthetic material for durability, high and speedy performance on the ground.

Its Sole is made from synthetic material and having speed tracks on it, providing control on your movements while having speed, its heels measures around 1,25 inches and Platform around .75 inches. The leather upper is made of ultra-thin and super soft microfiber along with perforated panels and sock line for lightweight. The midsole is made from nylon. Its traction studs are loaded with nylon and Pebax to minimize heel counter on firm and natural surfaces. The shoes outer side’s forefoot is curved in a way to comfort the toes.

The pair of shoes designed for speed, comfort and is Ideal for the use of firm and natural surfaces.


  • These shoes of PUMA version are Speed boot for high-level performance
  • Made from quality material for durability and high performance
  • Speed tracks on the Sole
  • Leather upper and lightweight sock liner for comfort and better fit
  • Nylon and Pebax used in the shoes to reduce pressure on the heel


  • Needed to wear much time for a natural fit.

8: NIKE Mercurial Veloce III DF FG


Offers an expected fit of 64%, these Nike Mercurial Veloce III DF FG weighs 2 pounds.

Manufactured with synthetic material, this version of Nike’s Soccer shoes increasingly advanced due to its dynamic cut collar.

Its Soles are also synthetic with Mercurial anatomical plate providing flexibility during play. Its upper has Speedrib texturing for having a nice control over the ball. The shoes are thicker at a striking area which allows extra ping for shoots and added protection to your foot. Its conical studs offer a good dig and grip on Firm and artificial ground.

These Nike shoes are great for narrow fitting, offer a good comfort while wearing and playing and worth the price.


  • Offers a Dynamic fit and doesn’t get loosen up over time
  • Its upper with Speedrib texturing offers a good control
  • Durable due to its synthetic material


  • One of the reviews of this shoes says that its built feels a bit high
  • Not very attractive for people with wide feet

What to look while picking up right pair of Best Indoor Soccer Shoes for you:

The basic things to look for while buying or picking up the best soccer cleats are:

Upper: the topmost part of the shoes which has closure (usually lace).

Midsole & Insole: the part where your foot is kept, cushioned and usually removable part of the shoes.

Outsole: It is below the midsole i.e. bottom of your shoes

Heel: the back portion that supports the ankle/heel

Stud or Cleat: the blades or cones spread at the bottom of the shoes, they can be fixed or removable. Maybe of plastic or rubber or with metal tip, they help in traction according to the surface.Usually, they are of three types i.e. conical, bladed or hard ground.

Vamp: the front part of shoes which contacts with a ball, helps in a shoot and controlling the may be stitched or have the technology.

The common grounds are fields for playing Soccer are:

  • Firm Ground
  • Soft Ground
  • Hard Ground

The field for Soccer is one factor to be kept in mind while choosing the suitable pair of shoes for the game

  • Molded Cleats:

 they are needed when the ground is Firm (FG) i.e. natural grass surfaces, these shoes have the basic design with unremovable rubber or hard plastic at the bottom to help in controlling the speed and traction. Commonly these cleats are used by the players of an initial or intermediate level and are suited for all weather conditions.

  • Replaceable Cleats:

Used on Soft Ground (SG) i.e. soft grass, humid, wet, or soggy field and made of hard plastic (or plastic along with metal tip). These shoes have a stud at the bottom which can be replaced as per the requirement of game or weather change. Usually used by experienced players.

  • Hard Ground Soccer:

They are used when there is Multi ground (MG), Artificial Ground (AG) or Hard Ground (HG) which are turf or solid. These cleats contain numerous studs evenly spread at the bottom. Also suitable for frozen fields

  • Turf Cleats:

These are to use on artificial turf surface and on harder surfaces of outdoor, commonly used for training. They have raised patterns at it bottom instead of studs.

  • Indoor Cleats:

These are lightweight shoes for playing indoor. They have flat bottom usually of rubber for providing traction in indoor courts which are usually artificial.

Some Other Factors To Consider for buying Soccer Cleats:


Basically, there are two types of material used in manufacturing Soccer cleats i.e. Leather and synthetic.

  • Leather Cleats usually are more comfortable and gives a good feel while wearing although they cost little more but are worth for your money as they are a durable and strong pair of shoes. They also come in different various quality and each serves accordingly i.e.

Kangaroo leather offers better feel and is more flexible but expensive,

Calfskin /Full-Grain leather is durable but heavier and costs within mid-range,

Pittards Leather usually or only used in PUMA shoes. Its actually form when Full grain leather undergoes some process and becomes water resistant.

  • Synthetic Cleats  commonly used by a beginner or mid-level players. Synthetic cleats are usually less expensive and affordable than leather ones. They are durable and easy to clean and maintain.

ü  Premium Synthetic Cleats are used by experience or higher-level players and are induced with technology for offering upper-level performance. These are usually light in weight, water resistant, contain microfibers, offer great fit and comfort and used on natural and firm grounds.


Soccer is a game played with speed, so its essential for a player to have control on his movements and speed during the play along with being comfortable in his shoes. The good pair of cleats must provide a great traction and control during rapid and constant moves on the ground.


Obviously, nobody wants to change the pair of cleats after every few games and again go through the process of getting comfortable in the new pair of shoes. A player needs the durable pair of cleats to always relay on for better performance and staying easy during play.

Last words:

The above information and recommendations will help you to pick best soccer cleats for you according to your budget, level of game, type of soccer ground you would play on, style and brand preference, as every brand offers different features and provides cleats with various induced technologies and benefits.

Happy Playing 😊


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