A Guide To Buy Best Ar 10 Scopes In 2018 | Updated June

Did you ever think of buying the best scope for Ar 10 rifle? Well, you may have the idea to buy the one but did not know where to start and what to buy? if you are facing some confusions regarding the best scope to buy for your rifle then you are at the right place, because I am going to give you a complete information guide that will solve all your confusions and will surely clear your mind. I will be giving you complete step by step information about the functionality, uses and ar 10 scope recommendation. All you need to do is to sit tight, have a cup of tea and go through this informational guide.

Ar10 is one of the most popular guns and you can say it’s a father of ar15 rifle, this gun has just blown a popular hit in the big game hunters. If you are a gun lover so having the best scope for your rifle will be the most desirable and demanding thing for you, because it will make your target practice more pleasant. Ar10 is still a great hit for hunters as compared to its successors because the main thing about this rifle is its pervasive use of the .308 Winchester Cartridge, which is the most frequently used ar10 round. Therefore, to get the most out of your ar10 and .308 Winchester Cartridge you will be needing a high-quality and functional scope to give you a perfect shot.

Before buying the best scope optic for your gun, you need to consider the following main points in your checklist that will let you make a wise purchase with a peace of mind. So here we go!

Key Points to Consider Before Buying Best Scope For Ar 10 

Your success as a hunter will be determined by several factors, in which one of the factors will be the type of scope mounted on your gun. Whenever you visit a gun shop you see the excess of gun sights and plenty of scopes from various manufacturers. So, it is a bit hard to decide what to buy? But going through with the article, you can easily identify the most suitable and best ar10 scope for the money.

Here are the following main things to consider:


The very first thing to consider is the optical power of the scope. The usefulness of any scope is described by its level of magnification. If a person can shoot over 500 yards so he would significantly be underequipped with 4x type of scope.

Higher magnification can be an attractive feature for a scope but at the same time, it can be a problem as well because you may find it difficult to make a shot with a 32x magnification. So, therefore, you should select magnification depending upon the task you are undertaking; like for example, calling wind, judging distance, identifying targets and some other critical tasks can be much easier only if you have the correct level of magnification. You should know that lower levels of magnification are appropriate for target tracking and spontaneous shooting.

The optimum magnification for your ar10 rifle scope with a maximum range of 24x or less, I think the best scope magnification is up to 20x.


The objective lens size of the scope is determined by its magnification. A small objective lens of 40mm or less will always be accompanied by the low magnification. While on the other side, high magnification needs to be paired with a broad objective lens of 50mm and above. It is due to the fact, that higher the objective lens, higher will be the scope. So always keep in mind that with ar10 rifle higher scope can reduce the efficiency of your rifle.

The length of the scope

Always look out for the correct size of scope as if it doesn’t fit on your mount then there is no need to have it. Make sure that the length of the scope is uniform with the overall length of the rifle. Along with the total length of the scope, don’t forget to include the other accessories like scope caps, flash hiders, objective lens and some others.


That is one of the critical factors to consider before buying one. Always keep in mind that better magnification comes with the heavy weight of the scope. For high magnification, there comes longer tubes and big lenses that add up weight to the scope. So, determining the appropriate weight is also a bigger challenge, usually, rifles with lesser weights are better.

The Tube diameter

The objective bell and the eyepiece are linked by the tube. Some tools of a scope include the prism and some other essential equipment. There are some scopes which have a higher level of light transmissions and have high clarity are expensive. With such kind of scopes, the mounting is just great and it can make your rifle heavy, so if you don’t care about the price and weight then you can grab it.


The reticle is one of the factors that I consider the most because these are the crosshairs that help you line up your rifle with a purpose. There are various types of reticles along with different designs that are usually component with the purpose. Fancy reticles are challenging to use in stress conditions, working with specialized reticles requires more practice to boost accuracy and precision.

One of the popular and important reticles are the duplex reticle with a simple cross that leads you to easily acquire your target. The convenience that arrives with duplex reticles is that you can quickly determine the range for your shot.

Another type of reticles that are very common is the mildot reticle or a BDC. The mildot reticle gives you the same functionality as the duplex reticles but they are better because mildot reticles use horizontal stairs for better precision. This feature works well when the target is moving and you can swiftly determine the speed of target and adjustment.

Reticle could also illuminate during dark hours or dawn hunting, but it doesn’t matter if your shooting hours are mostly in the daytime.


I think mounting should be of great concern to you while you are going to buy a scope for your rifle because you should know that how easily you can mount the scope at your rifle. Always check for the best scope mount for ar 10. A light-weight carbine must have a scope mounted as far ahead as possible. While keeping the mount on top of the upper receiver try to get the scope as frontward from your face as possible.


If you want to spend money on a good product then make sure it gives you long-lasting results. Always remember to go for a scope that is durable and is waterproof, fog proof and shockproof. All these attributes to a durable scope because inside the optics if the tube is damaged, just even a bit, your scope will not going to perform. The main housing of the scope body should make of high-quality material and the outer lenses should be coted and scratch resilient. Ar10 rifles made for hard situations so a good scope should hold up in the worst conditions and hard weather.


It is very important to determine the price of scope and how much you are willing to pay for the scope. You must figure out the best budget ar scope for your ar10 rifle. Acquiring such a scope that is expensive but challenging for you to carry and use is worthless. Scopes may range from hundreds to some thousand dollars depend upon various factors but you need to make sure you get what you want at an affordable rate.

Eye relief

It is basically the gap between your eye and the eyepiece. This distance is critical because it determines whether you see your target clearly or not. It is also necessary for your safety as well, therefore, check for the scope that has an adequate eye relief for your gun. I am sure you will not be going to take the risk to injure your face or eye for some extracurricular activities.

safe distance considered for your eye relief is four inches which is the largest eye relief distance. Most common rifle scopes have 3 inches eye relief but I would recommend going for the 4 inches because you won’t regret hunting as your hobby with such eye relief.


At the end of this informational article, I am now sure that you will have a sufficient information regarding the best ar scope options because all the necessary information has been provided with brief details so you can have a good wise purchase and you don’t have to spend your money on some useless scopes. Now you must have made up your mind about what you need to look for during the purchase. I hope you had enjoyed the article and now you might be thinking for best products that you could select for purchase, so need not to worry because in the next article you will find a review for top picks of the year. Stay tuned!


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