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All the best vloggers are procuring a high sum of money from their channels. Canon EOS 70d Digital SLR is one of the best Canon vlog Camera. The essential thing which followers like them to see is the best picture quality and a clear voice quality with no disturbing sounds. This adds to just about half of the charm of the video. The remaining half relies on how you show it. So to start vlogging, one must imagine that for good picture or video quality, a great vlogging camera is a must-have. Isn’t that so?

Introduction To Canon EOS 70d Digital SLR

Individuals go for big brands since they believe that it will not cause them any trouble on a long haul basis. All things considered, I am glad to state that they trust right. There are numerous companies which are in the race to make the best items but “CANON” so far now proven itself the best. I can’t state that you know about this name since you are a professional photographer. No! A common person with no interest in photography likewise knows this name since it has established itself in the tech market. The greater part of the expert photographers prescribes purchasing the cameras from Cannon as the picture steadiness and quality is extraordinary. Also, the brand launch numerous items one after the other with a new version, in the best way as per the demands of individuals.

There are such a significant number of cameras available and it can be difficult to know which camera is the best one for vlogging. Yet, one camera that truly emerges to me is the Canon EOS 70D SLR. SLR, short for Single-Lens Reflex, is the camera that influences utilization of a moving mirror through which one to can catch the specific picture. SLR camera likely makes a smooth and velvety background 5D, 60D, 100D are the lens types that are attached to the camera through which one can increase the quality of the image.

The Canon Vlog Camera has stunning features which make it the best decision for individuals who are not kidding about their Youtube Career and need to deliver expert looking recordings. Zoella, a well-known Youtuber utilizes a similar camera for her videos which she uploads on her youtube channel. I believe it’s extraordinary for vlogging and I will tell you the reasons why I prescribe it.

So right away here are the reasons why the Canon EOS 70D is best for Vlogging camera.

Continuous Autofocus

When you’re vlogging, you have a status to keep up and need to guarantee that the video quality is phenomenal. One essential factor in deciding shot quality is the camera’s focus. With another Dual Pixel CMOS AF framework, the 70D will be appealing for vloggers as it gives a great degree smooth autofocus execution amid Live View and video shooting. The Canon EOS 70D has autofocus, which implies you’re going to effortlessly get that flawless shot. That is incredibly essential on the off chance that you have an extensive gathering of people. How often have you gone to a video and seen that it was low quality and flimsy?  Regardless of whether it’s just happened once and twice. It will make you stop visiting those channels again.

Wi-Fi Enabled

There are a few cameras that don’t shoot in a format that can straightforwardly be transferred to YouTube. The Canon EOS 70D isn’t one of those cameras. However, It has in-fabricated WI-FI that will enable you to transfer your vlogs to YouTube immediately. Your target group of viewers won’t be continued holding up on the grounds as you can transfer your video as soon as you’ve taken, without going through the exertion of editing the video. The EOS 70D Digital SLR camera’s built-in wireless transmitter offers clients a few available alternatives to effectively share their pictures. With the download of the free EOS Remote app2 from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store, clients can connect with both iOS® or AndroidTM cell phones and tablets3 to remotely exchange photographs and recordings from their camera to their gadgets.

Brilliant Low Light Sensitivity

Even though cell phones have prompted a drop in individuals obtaining cameras. It’s still great to have a real camera instead of simply depending on your cell phone. With the rapid consistent shooting of up to 7.0 frames per second joined with a 19-point all cross-type AF framework.  Canon EOS 70d digital SLR enables photographers effectively capture quick moving subjects. Despite the fact that cell phone cameras are enhancing each year, their low light quality is still very poor. That’s not an issue with the Canon EOS 70D in light of the fact that it has magnificent evening time or low-light execution so you’ll have the capacity to capture at any time of day. This means you won’t need to stress over fading quality.

Great Battery Life

Another extraordinary advantage of the Canon EOS 70D is its battery. It has an enduring battery life. When you’re recording a video for your YouTube vlog you can continue recording for more. So in case, you’re a vlogger who takes a few takes previously settling on the ideal shot. This is an extraordinary alternative for you. That implies you can stay “in the zone” and that will spare you time doing un-fundamental takes since you will have a flow. Most entertainers regularly take maybe a couple takes to get into the flow and into the zone when recording. With expanded battery life you’ll have the capacity to stay in the zone and get your recording finished.


For new YouTube vloggers, $1000 can be a considerable measure to contribute. Luckily the EOS 70D Canon vlog camera is under $1000. That implies it’s not all that quite a bit of a venture and you’ll be getting a quality camera at a moderate cost. In view of the value, it’s a perfect second or third camera for your YouTube vlog. You’ll get comfortable with the greater part of its features while you’re enhancing your vlogging aptitudes and build up viewers on your channel.


Presently, this is awesome. But there is something you should consider before purchasing this camera for video blogging. Its astonishing autofocus framework is awesome for action recording. This makes the Canon EOS 70D a trusty one. But you won’t take the advantages it offers in case you’re simply going to utilize its autofocus in its modest way.

In the event that you need to utilize it for many of the video blogs then the basic “Talk to the camera” vlog, at that point the Canon EOS 70d Digital SLR is an astounding decision. This is particularly valid in case you will record stories and any short film in general. It isn’t at the level of a 5D Mark III, which is the best DSLR for filmmaking. However, it’s incredibly useful for your vlogs.

What I mean by this is you ought to get this camera in the event that you truly plan to utilize it A LOT. It is a great addition and your subscribers and viewers will thank you for it.

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