Sony Handycam DCR-SR45 review | Best sony vlogging camera 2018

Nowadays everyone is a vlogger; there is no age for capturing what you are doing. Before you wish to buy Best sony vlogging camera, wait for a while and take a look at Sony Handycam DCR-SR45 Review.
There are issues with the body structure of many devices or with storage capacity for making videos and capturing the perfect moments. But Sony DCR-SR45 Camcorder overcomes all these problems gently, that is why we call it as best vlogging camera of 2018.
If I recommend, then it is important to have such camera which can come up to your comfort level so that you can take it anywhere with ease.
For this product, you just have to go through from simple startup settings, and you are ready for the video making.
It is also important that to know that the device should be cheap and affordable. You will be shocked to identify that this Sony Handycam Camcorder is the best cheap vlogging camera with flip screen and storage of 30GB as well.

Sony DCR-SR45 (Best sony vlogging camera 2018):

When we talk about the SONY itself, it’s a big name in many separated products, but Sony did a very good job with the production of good quality cameras.
DCR-SR45 Sony vlogging camera helps in making video and photos with high-resolution results and in a very handy form and also allow to have a steady shot in a dark.

Features of Sony DCR-SR45:

As nowadays everyone wants to film everything in their lives, so this product of Sony proves to be the Best sony vlogging camera of 2018 to use in this case. It is very easy to operate with the storage of 30GB that can help you to record even for 20 straight hours depending on the quality you choose for recording. Its battery is also aligned with the type of quality you expect for filming.

This flip screen camera records video to a built-in hard disk drive and approximately hold 7 hours at HQ setting, 10 hours at SP setting and 20 hours at LP setting with the image sensor of 680,000-pixels.

It has the widescreen 2-11/16″ touch panel LCD with 40X Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar optical zoom lens (digital zoom to 2000X) that can take super steady shots and also have the feature of filming in super dark.

The high-speed USB PORT is also part of the device that can help to transfer data into the computer quickly and easily. The major support from this Sony DCR-SR45 is its weight which is almost 14 oz. It is easy to carry along with the battery with yourself anywhere.

For any device, it is essential that its usage is simple and handy. The settings should not be complex that can cause a disturbance while handling by oneself. This best cheap vlogging camera with flip screen solves the problem up to much extent because it is so easy to use. Plus, the initial settings of the camera are basic, that anyone can do.


  • Easy to carry a handy lightweight camera.
  • Its 30GB storage is the real storage support for the device.
  • User-friendly with no complicated way to start or run the device.
  • Its night vision mode allows you to even shoot in the total dark.
  • High-speed USB port helps to transfer data to computer easily and quickly.


  • Video quality is aligned with the battery, so if you want it HD quality, you have to compromise on battery consumption.


The conclusion of sony vlogging camera DCR-SR45:

For me, this Sony DCR-SR45 Camcorder is all that a vlogger wanted. Including so many additional features along with the flip screen makes one feel like having a perfect gadget in hand. It is no doubt a best cheap vlogging camera with a flip screen that entails all the features of right storage, battery, its size, everything which helps in such a way that everyone wants to grab it on first look.

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