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Internet Marketing Scholarship


$1500 Scholarship

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Here at Lastlook we review latest product and gadgets. All our content is well researched and written by professionals mostly on Technologies within the category of ‘Electronics, Computers, Sports & Outdoor’ along with User guide to help people make the best choice for themselves.

To promote the same zeal and writing passion, we are calling out ‘Tech enthusiast and holding Scholarship program for graduate and undergraduate students, who will receive a reward of 1500$ as Scholarship amount on winning the contest. The amount can be used for any educational resource, program, books, course etc.


  • To participate in this program, you must be enrolled in any reputable University, high school or a graduate Student
  • Students studying Engineering are also welcome to participate in the program.


  1. We are offering you not one but 4 topics to choose from for participating in this program. These topics are totally relatable with your student life experience and your educational journey in the university so you can write a complete realistic material on your own. The topics are:
  2. Role and importance of YouTube in your education.
  3. Role and importance of Google in your education and research and projects.
  4. Role and importance of Internet in your educational life.
  5. Best Vlogging camera or DSLR camera for making YouTube videos and shooting university events.You  can take this post as a demo (How to be a Youtuber)


  • ​ An applicant piece of content mu​​​​st contain between 500- 1000 words.
  • check​​ Article must be presentable, readable and ​in Storytelling format, making your readers interested enough to keep reading till the end.
  • Your piece of writing must be original, unique, productive and of quality matter.
  • Content should be free from grammatical errors.
  • Any content having plagiarism will be disqualified from the contest.
  • ​The ​Unive​​​​rsity will be given the right to cancel scholarship amount in case any complaint is reported against the student

​Any application with incomplete information can be subjected to cancellation


Your article must be sent to following email address

  1. Topic written under SUBJECT heading.
  2. Your complete name
  3. Current contact number
  4. High School/ University name
  5. Your area of study
  6. Scanned copy Student ID card OR any proof showing that you are student
  7. Your current residential address



  • You can submit your article from 15th may, 2018 till 31st Dec, 2018
  • No application will be entertained after the date of deadline
  • Winners will be announced on 16th January, 2019.
  • Check amounting $1500 in the name of Student will be sent to his/her respective University or High School and the same can be claimed within 15days of announcement.

Incase of any Query you can contact US HERE

Wish you all The best.

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