Vlog camera Buying Guide: A Must Read Guide to Vlogging Cameras

Vlogging camera buying guide

Stumbling here and there to find the best Vlog camera for yourself is a tough job indeed. In fact, you will face many questions on the way that simply burst your mind. Maybe you are eager to capture your actions for the sake of fun, likes to guide others by your good speaking skills or to travel and capture beautiful scenery with music at the back.

Having so many interests in shooting a video at once, you have to own such a gadget which copes all the demands needed.

​And i sure that is one of the best reason to buy a vlogging camera for yourself. ​

Let’s add lights to the main point which you are seeking for. I am a big fan of YouTube videos because it is the only way which never makes me slip into boredom.

​​​You Might be intrrested in How to be a Youtuber ?

Did you say a high-quality video with HD voice? If it is a YES, then I am with you because it is the fact that humans are attracted to what they see and listen CLEARLY.

It is not important that all the YouTube channel owners follow the same rule. As a result, they are not getting the high income in return. But there are some who are filling their bank accounts through vlogging presenting their innovative ideas with the best video and audio quality.

​I am not saying that they own expensive cameras because our traditional thought is that costly products always prove to be best. In some cases, it is true, but in some other, it fails. Having something at a reasonable price with extra specifications that can be a good friend to you is BEST.

Hunting for a vlogging camera that YouTubers use, which produces high-quality videos is very difficult. You have to be educated enough in cameras and then go for it.

Keeping you updated, here you will find the complete guide to buying the best vlogging camera in 2018 which should be read before you make a purchase.

What to look for in a Vlog Camera before you buy?

​It will be not good, if I say, go for that product which entails so many features. Sometimes items with extra features lack to produce quality of the important ones.

So Go for a ​good vlogging camera, which has features needed by you because it will be you, who will use it. Here I will also share ​some of the amazing ​stuff that ​that will help you in buying the best camera to vlog.

Features ​to consider before buying ​a Vlog camera:

1. Type of Camera:

Types of Vlogging Camera

Camera type has its own significance. Whenever you go for buying a vlog camera, first thing that pops up in your mind is its type. The type of camera would be best if it suits to the type of work, you are going to perform. Point and shoot camera has the exceptional quality of automatic focusing and is handy too. Usually, vloggers that love traveling use this type of camera for long distance coverage. DSLR being famous for its high resolution and variety of lens adjustment is common for professional use.

2. Image Quality:

Canon Vlogging Camera Guide

Before talking about the image quality, let me tell you about the latest video resolutions preferred in 2018: 1080 (full HD), 720 (ready HD) and 4K (ultra HD). Video resolution completely depends on the image quality. Vlogging cameras that YouTubers use is mostly of 1080p as the pixels contributes a visible change in the colors of the image.

The greater amount of pixels offers high and fewer pixels lessen the image quality. If you have a tight pocket so go for 720p camera otherwise 1080 is better and 4K cameras proves to be the best among all.

3. ​Price:

Everyone wishes to have the best vlogging camera and no doubt expensive ones are best for the professional users due to extra features. But if you are new to this field, I would recommend going for an affordable vlogging camera at the start. It will help you to learn easily and doesn’t bothers you in complex settings. Once you get the command on making expert videos, then go for the high-cost camera as it will entail advanced features.

​4. Image stabilization::

Shaky videos always bother and provoke one to give a bye-bye call to your YouTube channel. However, Youtube itself and some other software made for video editing can reduce blurring effect up to some extent. But it is not important that it meets the perfection.

Image stabilization is the one which is important but is mostly overlooked. Those who consider this feature, not face any difficulty during the video if sudden movement happens. Cameras with in-built image stabilization spec are recommended to buy.

​5. Frame rate::

Video making is not limited to a specific field. It can variate a lot depending on your mood. Sometimes you wish to make a dance video, cooking, any product reviews or to make a prank. This is the stage at which you want someone professional to guide you. I recommend when you wish to buy a vlogging camera, check the frame rate. If it is high, go for it as it would be handy enough for any job.

​6. Lens:

If you have a high-quality camera and no good lens, then expecting the great quality image is mere foolishness. The credibility of a camera depends upon several parts, and one of them is a lens. Although most of the cameras come along with the lens which proves to be best pair but some are not. If you don’t compromise on video quality, in any case, buying a good resolution lens will then become an important thing.

​7. Angle of the lens:

As we are talking about the lens, it is important to know about the lens angle too. The angle of the lens is specifically defined as the distance at which you place it from you so that to check its ability to capture the view. For example, if you use an iPhone, you have to place it at least double the distance of a vlogging camera from you.

As a result, the voice will also fade and may cause the unwanted sound from the environment. For an iPhone, you can use a selfie stick, but it then limits to take help from both your arms. It’s better for a vlogging camera for the perfect zooming through lens angle to place it at least 20-24mm away from you.

​8. Auto Focus:

​When you capture different shots in the same video, turn out the camera at selfie mode and then back to external cam several times. This feature is much important because focusing on the subject makes you able to deliver the basic idea you want your viewers to see. Non-focus causes the blurry video and helps the viewers to jump out of your vlog. It’s better to check the autofocus feature of the camera before buying.

​9. ​Size:

This is somewhat very important in traveling. Most of the bloggers out there are travelers or make sudden videos of fun things all over the day. If you take a huge gadget with external mics weighing a kilo with yourself. You will not be able to capture what you want. I mean to say holding a heavy pack simply bothers you and lessens your interest in video making.

Sometimes iPhone can help you out in making videos of a good quality but all in all, it is a smartphone and lacks in the view coverage. However, you can use a selfie stick with it to cover yourself and the view at your back.

​10. ​Weight

Same as size, weight contributes a lot to call a camera as the best vlogging camera. How? It has a straightforward and genuine reason. A vlogging camera should be light-weight because it will then prevent the misbalancing and blurry video. The focus and clear video count a lot, and they both are because of vlogging camera that has light-weight.

Some of the vloggers usually take tripod stand with them to fix it on one place and cover the scenario. But is this easy to take the tripod everywhere with you along with the extended arm? A small handy cam can reduce this problem up to much extent.

Performance of camera in low light:

If your camera does not perform well at night or if you are shooting indoor. Then it has no right to come under the list of best vlogging cameras. Lens plays a major role in it. Usually, expensive cameras have the large lens which means it allows more light to pass through it. Using the large lens which is compatible with your camera at an affordable price will make a perfect pair.

However, this feature is mostly overlooked by the newbies because they are not educated in this field. But it has quite a significant because it is not important that you will always go to make the videos in the daytime. Knowing the ISO range and lens aperture before buying a camera is important.

How you set ISO?

As it is merely concerned with the low/high light performance so that lens will contribute a major part. The sensitivity of image sensor which senses the subjected light on the lens is ISO. Cameras with high ISO range have good low light performance, and those with low ISO range have high light performance.

To make it more clear, let us check it practically. Take a smartphone, open camera and change the ISO value in the settings. Click a picture first at low and then high ISO. You will see that the low ISO value will result in the non-sharpened image whereas high ISO results in a picture with grains and burst result. High ISO is good at night whereas low ISO is good for daytime usage. Try to start it from 125 but below that can also give high-quality imagery.


Aperture is the point which allows the light to enter the camera. It is measured in F stops which are situated at the camera front. As the number of F stops increases the aperture decreases. You will be able to capture the wide image because higher F stops (f/22) means more field is defined.

Aperture increases by the low number of F stops say f/1.4, less area is focused on detailed and the remaining will be blurry. Usually, DSLR or iPhone has this feature to variate the F stops to adjust the aperture. You will be then able to capture full landscape images as well as one focus with a blurry surrounding image with the same lens.

For video, go to your area of interest. For travel vlogs, set high F stops and for a product review, set low f stops.

3. Audio Quality:

As far as the audio is concerned, so it has the same importance as that of video quality. For video or image, a lens plays a vital role but for audio, embedded microphone in the camera or an external microphone that can be mounted using the audio jack works. Mostly the issue related to audio quality occurs by inbuilt mic system because it covers the unwanted voices as well which in turn ruins the video.

If your video has the good image quality but no good audio, it’s better not to upload it on your channel. People not only wish to see best but they also want to hear best. Image and audio quality counts side by side in making a good vlogging video.

3. Mount Location for Microphone:

As discussed for audio quality the mic works whether it is embedded in the camera or mounted on audio jack. The point here is that to search out the best location for the mic on camera which can help you in making a video with great voice quality.

There are few situations in which the position of camera contributes best. First one is if you are a traveler and want to make a video while you walk. It would be better if the mic is located at your front. Second, if you are making a selfie video so it will be good if the mic is at the bottom. However, for most of the cases, the best position for the location of a mic is the Top. Top mounted mics are handy in a variety of situations.

I will suggest using the external mic audio jack because you can customize it according to your need plus unwanted sounds can be filtered out. However, in the other case of inbuilt mic system, this issue remains constant. You have to switch OFF the embedded mic and enable the external mic for use.

Vlogging camera with flip screen:

This type of camera is handy in most of the situations. You can record a perfect video while walking, covering the surroundings in the one go and can watch it at the same time. Most of the vloggers are preferring to buy flip screen vlogging camera as it is affordable as well as easy to use.


Using a smartphone (Android or iPhone) can be a good choice, but you cannot rely on what it offers. Yes, being a pro you want some more. More in the battery, more in focusing, more on image stabilization and other important features discussed.

I am not saying that don’t go for an iPhone. In fact, iPhone has the good image quality and further specifications, but it will not support you in making the continuous video for hours maintaining the performance from the start until the end. It’s understood that battery near to will not allow you to open the camera plus, if it’s below 20%, you will not be able to achieve the same focus quality of the video.

Wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi):

​A vlogging camera with inbuilt wifi feature is just like a cherry on the cake. Some bloggers are so professional in making videos that they even sometimes upload video without editing. While some others do basic editing and set it on the fly. Having wifi and Near field communication feature in the camera enables them to share the video directly with their phone or upload, as it is. Vloggers covering the live events wish to have wifi supported the camera. A camera has the USB port for sharing the files if wifi is absent.


This point is very important to determine whether your camera can be called as best vlogging camera or not. I would recommend going for that gadget which has the additional battery. It will help you if one runs out so can be replaced by the fully charged one. Cameras with fixed battery are also good, but you cannot take advantage of longtime shooting through it. Every battery has the limited lifespan. It’s better to go with a camera which supports the external battery.

Your Pocket:

This is not a feature of the camera but is very important. As in the start, we have discussed that according to our traditional thought, the expensive product will always be the best. Buying that camera which suits your needs, is best, no matter it is expensive or cheap.

For professional use, the best vlogging cameras are countless in the market. You want to think of your budget, priority of work time and yes, your need. Only then you will be able to buy a camera which is best. We have selected different affordable vlogging cameras for you so that you can grab it in a one go.

Trending Companies to Make Best Vlogging Cameras in 2018:

​Going for a product supported by the well-known company in the field will be genuine advice. Companies ruling the camera world are just not supporting the customers with the enormous facilities but also competing with each other to bring out the best products in the market. In this entire process, the customers remain benefitted. Checking out which companies are producing the best cameras in the field will be a plus before you buy:


Fujifilm is the world’s biggest Japanese imaging and photographic company has been producing the best cameras for 80 years. The experience in the field is high, so they prefer to make what is according to the current era. In different generations, their products variates with high discrimination and the exceptional results. We have also reviewed many of the products of Fujifilm which are selling at a non-stop speed.


Cannon is one of the companies which produces the popular gadgets with stylish designs out there in the market. These products are so handy to use that an elementary level kid can also use it with ease. Its user-friendly nature and the speed of producing the updated products one after the other make it famous not only among the professionals but the layman too.


How is it possible that when we discuss Cannon, Nikon remains untouched? We can say they have a brother-sister relationship. They make quite similar products, and the upgraded items are also commendable. The sleek and shining design of Nikon sets it apart from many of the vlogging camera manufacturing companies.


Sony is not only famous for making the cameras but has also proven itself in other tech-related products. If we talk about designs, Sony doesn’t lag because most of the updated products have the exceptional designs with wide led screens. Most of the vlogging cameras with flip screen comes under this brand. This would be foolish to say that we can compromise on the quality of their products.

Go Pro:

The name itself defines it in detail. It pushes to use their products like a professional. Not only this, focusing capability of the Go Pro products is just phenomenal. You don’t have to think on a second thought before buying their products.


Same as Sony, Panasonic is also famous for not only making the cameras but other items as well. They have snatched the credibility regarding TVs from many well-known companies. Not only this, other useful electronics mostly belongs to Panasonic. However, Panasonic is good, but companies mentioned above are leading the camera market.

As you got basic know-how about the points which should be considered before you go for buying a vlogging camera. The companies to be focused on for a healthy choice are discussed. Now you must have to read which type of cameras are trending because of their easy use and good quality. What should be the advantages to use these type of cameras is all discussed below. So swipe down!

Benefits of Buying a Best Flip Screen Camera:

Good vlogging camera with a flip screen has many reasons to be your favorites. It is one of the important pluses for a camera.

A noticeable advantage of having a flip screen camera is that you will be able to make a video and watch yourself at the same time.

However, selfie cams do the same, but the flip screen is moveable. You can not only watch yourself while filming but also covers the wide area in it through the rotation.

You have to use it with quite care because as it moves up to a specific length. Exceeding the limit or forcing it to move in the opposite direction can cause the breakage.

If you want to set it as it is or flip it right, just detach it from the location. Some of the flip screen cameras allow dislocating up to the right side only. Whereas some others allow the movement of right, up and down as well.

Not only this but if you are making a selfie video, can easily set the frame capturing the exciting things happening around you.

Photographers don’t bother of having a flip screen feature in their cameras, but for a vlogger it is something beyond aspiring.

Plus, the point is that most of the cameras with this feature are not too pricey and are available easily in the market. Making video through it consumes less time because the frame will be then easier to set. We have reviewed best vlogging cameras with a flip screen for you so that you will end up this article with a gadget in your cart.

Tips to make high-quality videos by cheap vlogging camera:

I have used the word cheap here because if you are a newbie, you might be wondering for something which is inexpensive. Low price cameras usually have easy features which oneself can take a healthy start with.

What cameras YouTubers use is a great question now a day. But not to worry, here you will find easy and interesting tips to make videos just like the YouTubers. Lights have an important role in a video. A newbie who has no much information regarding the ISO and stabilization must think once that what should be the core point by which he/she can adjust the light.

If you are going to do a product review, it is important that the light should be subjected to your face. So that the reflection with the lens makes it clear for the viewers to see what you expect to deliver. You can use an iPhone even for making a video with the small light at the back of the phone, so that it faces towards you. Believe me, you will have a bright video. I am not saying that completely rely on it because iPhone will not support you in every feature a cheap vlogging camera entails.

Vlogging cameras that YouTubers use is no more a secret now because the majority of them use the same tip. Although the light adaptation feature is considerable in their cameras. Still, some of them wish to look more bright on screen.

One more tip which I keep on repeating that try something which is according to your need, priority, and budget. If you are quite interested in technical stuff. Go for the camera which has extra specifications. I am sure you will hack each part with ease.

Conclusion of the Best Vlogging Camera of 2018:

As far as filming a video is concerned. People are gone crazy to buy the best vlogging cameras. It’s a kind of trend that has been spread in the air so fast that with a blink of an eye, you will find new videos on vlog platforms.

No doubt, YouTube rules the vlogging world and is a great source to generate revenue only if you bring something unique and outstanding to it. Making videos is an easy job mere in case of owning a good gadget. This can be cheap or expensive. You have to see your pocket first but don’t think going for the cost-free job always proves to be fine.

We have reviewed many products which can be the best fit for your need. These products are selling on a frequent basis, and most of the successful vloggers revealed that they have been using these gadgets to make videos.

Hope you find this helpful. I am pretty sure; you got a basic idea of what to buy or what to not. The tips which can help you in making a cool film and the famous names striking the camera market hard. Grab your favorite one before it is too late.

Good Luck!

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